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My journey with Essential Oils began a while ago as I was looking for ways to support my wellness journey with natural, sustainable solutions. A beautiful friend introduced me to the fabulous Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA Essential Oils and my life changed incredibly for the better!Frank & LG

I’ve always believed that nature has all the answers that we need when it comes to our health & wellness and being introduced to this amazing range of precious oils has just confirmed what I believed. Nature gives us the most powerful options to improve our health and wellbeing and provides support for our bodies to function in the way they were designed.

Since being introduced to these divinely beautiful oils I have been able to support my body’s ability to function the way it was designed to. Pure and potent, essential oils help maintain healthy immune function, joint and muscle health, and emotional support among many things. I have found that certain oils and blends have the ability to affect my moods on a daily basis, giving me the energy and focus to get through my daily to do list.

There are many different oils that provide many supportive options, which can be found here.

Diffuser2You can purchase the oils at retail here (simply click Shop), but the most beneficial and cost effective option is to have your own wholesale account which you can activate here (Click Join & Save). There are kits available (my favourites are the Home Essentials and Daily Usage Kits) to give you the most cost effective method to get started or you can start with just a $35 investment and create your own wholesale order. There is also a fabulous business opportunity and the ability to earn FREE Products Monthly and points towards free products with each order if you choose.

For help on setting up a wholesale access account or other questions regarding Essential Oils,  Free Products,  or the Business Opportunity, simply email and use “Essential Oils” as the subject.

Check out the videos about why Essential Oils are so amazingly powerful and why doTERRA Essential Oils are one of the most effective choices when it comes to purity and potency here.

Learn more about regular Essentially Well Oiled Classes at Transformations Beyond Beauty Wellness Studio here.

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