Enough is Enough! We are all REAL WOMEN!




To quote one of my favourite films ‘White Chicks’

“I am so frikkin’ pissed…I’m gonna have a BF!”

Lately I have been seeing a lot of posts about how to be a ‘real woman’ you need to have curves and some extra junk in the trunk. There are even a few popular songs about it. It seems that in order to feel good about being a little plus size (or a lot) that some women have turned to pretty much denigrating girls and women that are super skinny as being “skinny bitches” or not “woman” enough simply because they don’t have boobs or booty and I have to say I’m kind of pissed off about it.

For one thing, my 22-year-old daughter is a professional model and unless you have worked in the industry, you have no idea how tough it is to be constantly judged by your appearance and whether or not your body shape or “look” is right for the brief of the job. But, the choice to enter this world is one that these girls live and deal with, or they don’t, and they move on, like any career. There are times where my daughter is told she needs to lose weight and there are times she is told she is too small. And that is the nature of the industry. Certainly there are more and more advertisements with different body shapes and sizes and I believe this is a good thing.

BUT, and this is a big but… just because my daughter is a size 6-8, does that mean she is any less of a REAL woman??? Of course not! If you have an ample bosom and a fabulously juicy arse with a little extra padding around your other parts, does that mean you are more of a REAL woman??? Of course not!
We are all real women. Period!

Is there anything wrong with taking something you are born with and using it to your advantage? If someone has a natural talent for music, art or singing, do we think that there is something unfair about using that talent? No! We appreciate their God given gifts. Why is it different for those that are born aesthetically pleasing? We don’t hate on a beautiful flower for outshining the shrubby bush beside it, we simply appreciate its beauty. There also seems to be this assumption that because someone is genetically blessed when it comes to society’s current idea of beauty, that they must be stupid or not very nice. In my experience this is just not true. And it’s a stereotype that is just as bad as the assumption that when someone is carrying some extra weight, they must be lazy and eat too much.

You see what makes a REAL woman is all about what’s on the inside! A REAL woman is comfortable in her own skin, regardless of its shape. She doesn’t feel the need to compare herself to other women or put them down in order to make herself feel better. She is able to look in the mirror and love who she sees. She owns the space she occupies and she chooses to build others up instead of tearing them down. She is fun to be around and you feel good just being in her presence. In my opinion, that is a REAL woman!

How can we say that being a real woman has anything at all to do with body shape? There have been different ages and stages of my life where I was very skinny, and times where I was more than a little curvy, but I don’t believe that my status as a REAL woman was ever in question. And if it was, then I don’t much care for the opinion of those who questioned it!

I really do think that as women, it is time for us to embrace our differences and begin appreciating who we all are on the inside. There is no place for either fat shaming or skinny shaming. It is just as wrong for a person to say to a skinny girl “Oh you need to eat some more food” as it is to tell a curvy girl to “Push the plate away”.

If you are unhappy in your own skin, it’s time to find a way to accept and love yourself as you are right now, instead of trying to make yourself feel better through denigrating someone else.

How disappointed would you be if you went to a buffet dinner and there were a hundred serving dishes filled with the exact same food? Wouldn’t that be boring? After all, variety is the spice of life!

Tall, Skinny, Short, Curvy, Beautiful, Smart, Talented, we all have something unique to offer to this wonderful world and the people around us, but you sure as hell can’t do it while you are tearing someone else down just because they were made in a different mould!

Get your shit together and unite REAL WOMEN of the world! This place is big enough for all of us!


Embrace the Journey !